The Cycle University Varsity cyclo-cross program will once again be taking on the Northwest cyclo-cross circuit for 2012. All of these riders and support personnel have been recruited for both their professionalism, ability, sportsmanship, attitude, committment to the sport, and the ability to work in a team setting.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Team Training Camp worthy!

On Sunday, Sept.4th, the Cycle U - PopCap Cyclocross Team met up for some important business in Snohomish County.  Members of the team got together for a mini-training camp that included 3 sessions throughout the day finishing off with a team dinner at the Berg's home.
  In the morning the riders gathered and were briefed on current team happenings and information.  The riders then headed out for team effort intensity trail ride on their 'cross bikes taking turns doing high effort pulls and trying to drop eachother.  After finishing the hour plus workout around the Arlington airport trails, team members gathered for some ice coffee at the local Starbucks.
  Riders then returned back to the house for some lunch as they viewed some cyclo-cross video footage of races of yor!  Following lunch, the team trailer was loaded up and everyone headed to River Meadows Park near Arlington for some work on technique to include dismounting and remounting.
  Riders worked with Team Mechanic, Justin Claasen on pit exchanges that included full bike switches, to individual front and rear wheel removal and replacement.  Everything is of great time concern in the pits when racing the high intensity of cyclo-cross.  Justin seems to make things look pretty easy.
  After working on technique, the Cycle U - PopCap riders took to the "homeade-course" and each individually worked on 5 min. hard efforts with 5 min. rests for the period of 1/2 hour.  With the hard work done and complete, we loaded up and returned back to the house where dinner had been prepared by team supporter, Sue.  Sue made a great spaghetti dinner with salad and wine, which was enjoyed by everyone. 
  Good families break bread together!


  Thanks to everyone who attended.  The season is now upon us.

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