The Cycle University Varsity cyclo-cross program will once again be taking on the Northwest cyclo-cross circuit for 2012. All of these riders and support personnel have been recruited for both their professionalism, ability, sportsmanship, attitude, committment to the sport, and the ability to work in a team setting.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

S.C.X. #3/Silver Lake - Everett, WA

  On Sunday, October 14th, the Northwest Cyclocross scene convirged on the shores of Silver Lake in South Everett.  The course is one of the most difficult on the Northwest circuit is its layed out on the sides of half of a large bowl of a hill side down the shores of the lake.  The course takes riders either up steep punchy climbs, down white knuckle technical decents, or along the fine thick beach sand along the water.  Love it, or hate it....its a brutal one.

  The Men got things off to a start for the Cycle U-PopCap team with Jason Jablsonki, Sean Kelsey, Chad Berg, and Evan Renwick.  Jablonski had another consistant ride and finished in 4th, with Kelsey having a fantastic ride yet again coming in 2nd place.  Berg had another rough day in the saddle, and had to settle for 20th, while Renwick suffered a couple of ill timely crashes and had to pull out of the race.

Sean Kelsey negotiates the sand
   The Women took off fast from the gun and made it through the sand section unscathed as the field began to spread out.  Kelsey quickly settled into 2nd place chasing down the leading woman, Redline's Kari Studley, and the two pulled farther from the chasers every lap.  Lewis was riding in the chase group behind conservatively so as not to assist in pulling other riders up to her teammate as well as not being on her "A" game, still coming off illness.  Eventually, Kelsey was unable to keep Studley in her sights, yet still scored a very vital 2nd place.  This moved her from fourth to second overall in the series.  Lewis came in 6th, and content with her ride knowing she was slowly getting healthier, and that the courses ahead will be more challenging for her and Kelsey's riding style.

Kristy Kelsey rolls through the cedars.


Sean Kelsey - 2nd
Jason Jablonski - 4th
Chad Berg - 20th
Evan Renwick - DNF

Kristy Kelsey - 2nd
Melanie Lewis - 6th

  Next Saturday, Chad Berg will be the sole team rider heading up to Sedro Woolley for "Woolley Cross", and then the entire team will reconverge on the shores of Lake Washington in Seattle for round #4 of the M.F.G. Series and Magnuson Park.

Jason Jablonski coming out of the barriers.


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