The Cycle University Varsity cyclo-cross program will once again be taking on the Northwest cyclo-cross circuit for 2012. All of these riders and support personnel have been recruited for both their professionalism, ability, sportsmanship, attitude, committment to the sport, and the ability to work in a team setting.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

S.C.X. #5/Enumclaw = WINS!

  On Sunday, November 4th, the team headed South to the King County Fairgrounds in Enumclaw, for round five of the Seattle Cyclocross Series.  The course has become a favorite to many riders with it's intimidating steep run-up, greasy off camber sections, mud, mud, and some more technical mud riding. 

Kelsey celebrating his commanding win.

Jablonski at the top of the run up, just after dropping his last challenger to win.

  Even though, teammate Chad Berg was not starting due to a minor back injury, and teammate Evan Renwick was still unable to race battling being sick, Jason Jablonski and Sean Kelsey picked up the slack from the start for the Cycle U-PopCap Mens squad.  In the 35+ category, Jablonski got the whole shot and within a couple of laps was out front with only Audi Cycling's Todd Davis to keep him company.  The pair worked together for most of the race until finally, Jablonski had had enough and shook Davis loose and pinned it.  Jablsonski won his 2nd race in as many weeks and took another step in retaining his lead in the Series.  In the 45+ field, Kelsey took to the front immediately as well, and pretty much dropped the entire field, continuing on buidling his gap every lap to include catching all but 3 riders that started over a full minute ahead in another category.  Kelsey killed 'em out there, and chalked up his second win at Enumclaw, following his win last year as well.  Nice work fellas!

Kelsey pins it to capitalize on Cutler's dropped chain.

Melanie Lewis rails another corner on her way to 5th place.

  In the Women's race, Kristy Kelsey and Melanie Lewis were licking their chops at getting a chance to race on a course that suited their abilities as two of the best technical riders in the Elite Women's field.  Their race spreaded out rather quickly with Kelsey settling in to 4th and Lewis sitting right behind in 5th.  With a couple of laps to go, the Cycle U-PopCap girls kicked it in, and started to chase down the front end of the race.  Kelsey was making ground on's Jessica Cutler who appeared to be fading.  With half a lap to go, Kelsey caught up to Cutler just as Cutler dropped her chain after the set of Beer Garden barriers.  Kelsey knew this was her opportunity, but Cutler quickly fixed her chain and began chasing down Kelsey.  With merely a quarter of a mile left, Cutler went past Kelsey who had nothing left to answer with following such a vigorous chase.  Kelsey came in just after with a solid 4th place and Lewis was shortly behind in 5th.  Both teammates have been very consistant in their results this year which is paying off in series points as the last few big races remain on the schedule.

Jason Jablonski  - 1st
Sean Kelsey      - 1st
Kristy Kelsey    - 4th
Melanie Lewis   - 5th

  Next Sunday, the Cycle U-PopCap will head down to Seattle for the now iconic Woodland Park venue for the M.F.G. Finals, where they look to once again make their mark in the elite fields.


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